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Tim Leonard CTG Group

What do you love about coaching?

I like seeing the results. Once there was a fog, now there is a clear view. Once there was confusion, now there is clarity. Once there was turmoil, now there is calm. Once there was no way forward, now there is a plan. 


I find each conversation to be humbling and it is always different. Coaching is demanding, and the challenge stretches me. I love learning and developing.  


Most of coaching is about listening and even if there is no answer to the predicament that someone is in, the mere act of someone else bearing witness to the situation, the client is supported. 

How do you unwind?

I am 62 and I still play on the XBOX, every day.  Battlefield V is really the only game I play, and I get my butt kicked from one end of the map to the next.  There is always someone better than you, like in real life, but that does not stop me learning from others, wanting, and working to be even better myself. I believe that my reaction times are kept sharp. The game helps me to appreciate my strengths and I concentrate on those. Both my children, Max and Jett play too.  

What inspired you to work with CTG?

Simply, I enjoy working with Brad.  He makes me think, he is grounded, honest in what he says and thinks, and he challenges me.  (Christ! He challenges me!)  His mind is sharp too.  His ideas are intriguing, and he shares a similar devilish humour.  I would also say that he is inspirational, in that he sets a bar in how he delivers his training.

Tim Leonard

Trainer, Coach and Platform Speaker


Tim is an outstanding facilitator and tutor specialising in the design, development and delivery of management and personal skills programmes. 

Tim worked for IBM as an accountant for 12 years before transferring to a Human Resources role, where he developed his own extensive suite of Management and Personal Skills Courses.  Tim is very focused on ensuring that the client’s business receives a sustained return on the investment in time and money that they invest in developing their people.  


Within his training role, he has been instrumental in creating a range of modular topics to underpin skills required for Level 5 CMI and ILM Management Qualifications.  He has also developed non-technical competencies for use within businesses, to support managers in managing day-to-day behaviours of their staff. 


Tim is highly energetic and enthusiastic.  His drive, determination and focus are infectious.  Delegates will never forget a course they have attended with Tim!  His style is very practical, involving delegates in discussions and drawing out their issues and experiences for the benefit of all.  

Tim’s signature Programmes include:

  • Project Management

  • Finance for Non - Financial Managers 

  • Managing Change 

  • Leadership

  • Performance Excellence

  • Graduate & Apprentice Development


Industries / Business Areas: 

  • Local Government 

  • Fire Service 

  • Pharmaceuticals 

  • Housing Associations 

  • Commercial & Retail Banking  

  • National Probation Service 

  • Aerospace

  • Petrochemical

Tim joins us on the Lockdown Session Season 2, Episode 14. Watch here.

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