One-to-One Executive Coaching


CTG delivers two different types of coaching initiatives; Direct and Non-Direct Business Coaching.

Direct Business Coaching


Direct Business Coaching is driven by specific objectives which are set prior to the first Coaching session. It will be focused on a gap or gaps (be it skill or behavioural) acknowledged in the Leaders profile. The sessions will focus on improving the deficiencies and will take place every 4 - 6 weeks. This will give the time to learn and develop in the one to one sessions and then execute the newly acquired skills in the workplace immediately. Monthly goal and Action plans will be tracked in a Business Development Coaching Log.


360° degree feedback is often used in the Direct Coaching process. It is carried out at the outset of the process and the feedback is then used to drive the action plans and changes required. The same 360° degree feedback assessment is then taken at a suitable time after completion of the process when we will be able to empirically show where the Coachee has improved and closed the gaps in their development.


Sessions are booked in blocks of 6, 8 or 10 and each session lasts for 90 minutes. Direct Business Coaching is a blend of face to face, video conferencing and email support. On average 60% of sessions are delivered online with 40% being delivered face to face if possible. 

Non-Direct Business Coaching


The purpose of this quarterly based coaching offering is to focus on the individual Leader providing them a safe environment to discuss any challenging issues sitting on their business radar or challenging their eco system. It will also be an opportunity to discuss any initiatives or ideas the Leader is considering. Sessions last for 2.5 hours and take place at 3 monthly intervals. They are designed to be totally Coachee centric.

The quarterly sessions are an opportunity for the Coachee to discuss anything that is on their mind, be it business, personnel or management related. They can be skills focused discussions, business planning sessions or behavioural focused and are reviewed annually by HR, the Coachee and the Business Coach together.

Block bookings of 4 sessions are scheduled at the outset and a total of 10 hours coaching is delivered over the course of the year. These sessions are also supported by online/email interaction between sessions.