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Well Being


At CTG we have a number of signature Well Being programmes for all levels of the business. Each one is designed to create maximum development across a number of modules to offer the core skills and techniques to be effective in both Management and Leadership roles. 







A 3.5 hour workshop Team Building event

Wellbeing and Resilience are critical skills required to succeed in the 21st century where organisational change is the norm. Change and uncertainty has become something everyone has needed to get comfortable with. However humans, whilst robust and resilient, desire certainty and concrete answers. When we do not have this it can be the cause of stress, demotivation, overwhelm, frustration, disconnection…and the list goes on!


This event is an opportunity to press the pause button. You will explore stressors, your unique warning signs that signal you are not at your best and techniques/strategies to minimise the effect of stressful situations on your mental, emotional and physical health.

You will get clear on the helpful / unhelpful habits you may have formed working from home and away from your colleagues – creating actions to support a better work life balance and keeping connected.

By the end of this session participants will:

  • Know how to draw on their “resilience resources” to improve productivity

  • Explore stress management strategies to help work effectively under pressure

  • Focus on personal development by increasing self-knowledge and self- awareness on how to cater for your whole wellbeing

  • Use resilience techniques and tools to feel more resourceful in difficult moments.

  • Understand how to take care of themselves in a holistic way

  • Have acquired a toolkit to help elevate resilience

Key Session Content:


  • Time to hit the ‘pause’ button and reflect on how you are really doing

  • Exploration of those things that are causing you pressure and your worries for the future

  • Your unique response and the warning signs to look out for – Mental, Physical,

  • Emotional and Behavioural

  • Circle of Control, Influence and Acceptance

  • Working Remotely – Keeping Connected and Taking Care of Yourself

  • Work Life Balance - Boundaries

  • Strategies and techniques that will support your wellbeing and resilience over the coming months



Maximum Group size: 20

For groups of more than 20 and less than 40 - 2 x Facilitators are required. This is an excellent half day workshop toad to any team event where teams need to work closer together whilst at the same time deal with ever increasing changes and challenges.



"Yoga & Meditation has the power to enrich your life in more ways than you knew possible. We all have such busy and hectic lives and it’s more important now than ever for your health and wellbeing to take time to relax and practice self care.

Feet To Earth yoga and meditation classes are specifically designed to build your yoga practice starting from the ground up, with clear, step by step instructions, moving at your own pace. Think traditional, foundational yoga and meditation that nourishes

body mind and soul."

Helen Taylor, Feet to Earth


In today’s busy world taking some time to be still and step back is critical. We run our sessions on Zoom for our corporate clients with up to 100 people being able to join the sessions. It is a real chance for organisations to give something back to their people who have kept the business going during the pandemic.


As a result of the pandemic and a growing awareness of wellbeing CTG have partnered with Feet to Earth to bring you relaxing and meditative sessions, which will help improve both your mental and physical health. Our aim is to help support our clients with more alternative development sessions for their people as we slowly find a way back into work. 

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