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CTG Group The Secret Sauce of Teamwork.p

9th November, 2020

"Team Purpose" programme

At CTG Group, one of our signature programmes is our Team Purpose session. In it we explore how to create growth, alignment, commitment and belonging. As more teams explore how to drive a renewed purpose during covid times I'm hoping this succinct summary will help Teams to find their purpose with a renewed vigour and commitment - helping aligning people with their passions, talents and most importantly with their colleagues.

CTG Group Most Inspirational Leadership

19th August, 2020

Most Inspirational Leadership Development Trainers 2020 

We at CTG Group are delighted to have been awarded "Most Inspirational Leadership Development Trainers 2020" in the Corporate Vision Awards. Brad Solomon, Founder & CEO, CTG Group.

CTG Group Corporate Vision Award Winner

4th May, 2020

Most Outstanding Leadership & Coaching Provider 2020 - London

We at CTG Group are excited, delighted and humbled to have been awarded "Most Outstanding Leadership & Coaching Provider 2020" in the Corporate Vision Awards. With a team of exceptional Coaches and Facilitaors this really is a team award and I am proud of all of us for what we continue to do in the Leadership and Coaching space. In the horribly challenging time of COVID19 and living in lockdown it is a moment of joy for everyone at CTG to celebrate. Brad Solomon, Founder & CEO, CTG Group.

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2nd April, 2020

A Simple Guide

As the world struggles to deal with the Covid 19 Virus more organisations are asking their employees to WFH. For some this will present a challenge – a challenge in being isolated, disconnected and potentially demotivated. Here are some key tips for Managers to keep their teams motivated & connected..