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Webinars CTG Group

CTG run a host of webinars that run from 45 minutes to 90 minutes and all offer a full slide deck and recording as an extra resource after the event. With the onset of COVID19 many of our clients have asked us to run virtual workshops and webinars. We are fully set up to support our clients needs in this way And enjoy creating experiential sessions for the virtual world too. 


Run on Zoom, MS Teams, GOTO Meeting or Blue Jeans they are interactive sessions utilising polls, breakout rooms and group discussions and are available for up to 100 people to attend - they are always packed full of practical tips and techniques that can be immediately and easily integrated into every day working practices. 


Please call our consultants to explore which sessions would land the best with your people and it will be our absolute pleasure to share some content outlines with you and help deliver these bite sized virtual learnings in our engaging and inspiring way.



Webinars Topic List:


  • Coaching on the Run

  • Staying Sane during Covid

  • Leading Virtual Teams

  • Emotional Intelligence on the Run

  • Leading and Managing Change 


  • Resilience and Positive Psychology

  • Influencing without Authority

  • Presentation Top Tips

  • The Art of Management

  • Leadership 3.0

  • Leadership Brand and Signature


  • Mindfulness and Wellbeing

  • Motivation and Me

  • Communication in a Virtual World

  • Strategic Awareness

  • Positive Decision Making 

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