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What do you love about coaching?

Relief, tears of happiness (sometimes on both sides). That powerful energy mixed as a cocktail of focus, engagement, hope, dedication, commitment, trust which you can literally smell in the air.


I like the humbleness, gratefulness and happiness,

all rolled up together, for those moments when I realise I helped others to discover by themselves what can move them forward in their lives, their careers, make them better, or even what holds them back.

How do you unwind?

Spending a lot of time with my family and friends, with a glass of wine, tasting good food or just talking about everything. Hiking in the mountains, biking, alone or with friends, or my wife and kids. Enjoying daily walks with our Jack Russell during lunch times is another perfect way to unwind.

Active contribution for local communities like building of the tennis social club or organising a music festival in our village. And I‘m not only giving a lot of energy when coaching but getting it back as well.

Josef (Pepa) Sindelka

Execuitve Coach and Consultant


Pepa is an experienced organisational development and HR consultant and a coach with over 25 years experience across a range of international companies from different industry sectors (hi-tech manufacturing, IT/TELCO, services) local, regional and global leadership roles within People (HR) teams.

Pepa‘s WHY, to keeping him passionate and fulfilled, is to help organisations ”see what they don’t see today” in order to “help them build for their tomorrow”.

He strongly believes that the best experiences are designed when we keep both the brain and heart in our minds and in balance. The brain tells us WHAT we should do. The heart

tells us HOW we should do it and navigates us to be authentic, showing us who we really are, our passion, energy, and emotions… because one of the most important parts of a

journey is how to get to “the destination”.

Pepa believes in the power of community, transparency, sharing, authenticity, accountability of each individual, integrity, fun/joy and positive energy. Having worked and helped to develop Red Hat Inc on Open organisation principles, Pepa is a great advisor in implementation and adoption of that open model to support effective organisational scaling, transformations ,ensuring a long-term sustainable, profitable business model and building, cultivating and strengthening the open culture where collaboration, diversity, active engagement, and innovation truly matter. Pepa enables leadership teams in shifting their mindset to expand their business in a sustainable way and retain their talents… enabling leaders by bringing them safely out of their comfort zone and building their confidence to manage new situations. With over more than 10 years of coaching, he is a truly passionate individual, so happy, humble and equally fascinated when he sees how people find their way by themselves.

Areas of expertise

  • Executive Coaching and Mentoring (1on1 orTeam Coaching)

  • Business in mind driven HR strategy

  • Comprehensive Business HR Strategy Development & Implementation

  • Integrated, Competency Led Talent Management including 360 Feedback Facilitation

  • Organisational Development (Org Design), Culture and Change

  • Leadership Development through Open Management Practices

  • Building highly performing teams

  • Associate Experience & Engagement

  • Team Building, Off-sites and Exec Days facilitation (i.e. building strategies)

  • Workforce Planning

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Expansions to New Countries

  • Cross Culture Facilitator

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