What do you love about coaching?

I feel have the chance to make more of a lasting difference as there’s a longer relationship in play.

I get to see someone evolve, develop and grow and that’s a superb thing to be a part of and to witness. The journeying makes the coaching feel collaborative and we’re two people aligned to interesting objectives.

The luxury of time also means that you get know someone better, deeper. And there is a freedom to explore some of the real priority facets of work and life.

The space between sessions allows for follow through & learning; And then to be able to review and reflect on this is a luxury in these busy lives that we all lead.

How do you unwind?

This has changed over the years – I’m much more pedestrian now or maybe that’s maturity. I do like a glass or five of decent wine (normally a full-bodied red) at the weekend. I like fussing my two dogs (English Pointers) whilst sitting on the sofa and enjoying a quality boxset (and the wine @ the weekend). 


When I do it – some form of workout (normally a HIIT format) makes a difference. Antiques and antiquing.  My parents dealt in collectable books and some aspect of this has stuck with me from my childhood. Hanging out with Debbie (my partner and wife of 20+ years) sometimes talking/doing stuff and sometimes not. The crosswords in The Times on Saturdays and reading at the end of the day/before bed (crime fiction – a lot).

What inspired you to work with CTG?

When I first started talking with Brad the conversation felt very easy and flowed. And it still does now when, for example, Brad and I do a podcast – whilst not being musical in any way I feel that we ‘jam’ well. Our outlook and values feel very similar as does what we want to achieve with clients – Add value and make a difference.

William Galton

Coach and Facilitator


William designs and delivers a variety of organisational and training initiatives, both nationally and internationally. His experience spans training and development across a variety of sectors. His expertise includes supporting and facilitating change at organisational, team and individual levels, developing people’s core influencing competencies, particularly with respect to communicating more powerfully and effectively.

William features on Episode 12 and 22 of "The Lockdown Sessions" podcast. In Episode 12 talks about how to be more present and mindful as a way of helping reduce stress levels during Lockdown and in Episode 22 talks about building safety and intimacy within teams. If you wish to listen via Spotify the link can found via our Learning Lounge. Alternatively watch the session via YouTube here.

"William is excellent at what he does. Our time together was extremely productive and enjoyable...a great combination. He has a knack of understanding the challenge and the person, which can only come with great experience...which he has. I hope to work with William again and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to colleagues/peers."

(Alan Fagan, VP EMEA Advertising, Disney Media Sales and Partnerships and ESPN)