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Valentina Hinteregger CTG Group

What do you love about coaching?

I think everybody is facing different challenges in life and has individual strengths and ambitions. Coaching for me is about enabling people to reach their full potential and finding solutions that work for them. I love that I can contribute by providing new perspectives, clarity, and confidence in

my clients’ individual challenges. The most rewarding part of coaching is, that I can be a part of their breakthrough moments and share in their success.

How do you unwind?

I am an energetic person and really enjoy my work. Therefore, I am very careful that I also take time to relax, unwind and look after myself. Having grown up with nature around me, this is the place where I can center myself and recharge. I enjoy outdoor activities such as running, hiking with my dog, mountain biking and of course, as an

Austrian –skiing. Furthermore, yoga and meditation are powerful tools for me to find

my inner calm and switch off from a busy lifestyle.

What inspired you to work with CTG?

A friend and former colleague connected me with Brad. In our first set of calls I immediately got the feeling that we are of the same mindset. I love CTG's purpose to enable leaders to be the best versions of themselves. Their long-lasting customer relationships signify that they bring sustainable results. I am grateful for the

opportunity to contribute to this mission.

Valentina Hinteregger

Leadership Coach and Facilitator


In her professional career of 9 years, Valentina’s main focus has been on driving change and transformation on an organisational and individual level. She consults

and coaches managers in questions of reorganisations, cultural change and leadership development.


By helping leaders to find purpose, focus and progress their authentic leadership style, she supports them to succeed in today’s business environment, stay true to who they are and navigate through challenging times.


She is an accredited executive coach and has worked with senior leaders from 49 nationalities and teams from all around the globe. In her work she also gained experience in innovative organisational models as well as agile leadership.


Her clients describe her as empathetic, with the ability to ask the right questions and provide a safe space to reflect and find solutions for their individual coaching questions.

Valentina joins us in Season 2 of The Lockdown Sessions, episode 6. 

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