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Teri Reuter CTG Group

What do you love about coaching?


When I’m coaching, I’m listening, keeping track of what catches my attention. At some point the pieces come together, and I see the patterns of my client’s work, life, and relationships. I love working with my clients to give these patterns meaning. It’s the best way I know to help people gain awareness, so that they can understand where they are and where they may prefer to be. As we figure out their preferences and how to make them happen, I honour the idea that I am part of this change and growth.

How do you unwind?

The best is when all of us are in the kitchen. One of us is chopping, another sautéing. We get to the table, and everything looks great, smells inviting, and tastes delicious. Dinner takes a while. We enjoy the food and our conversation, and even the cleaning up afterwards is fun. 

What inspired you to work with CTG?


A colleague sent an email asking if I’d like to be introduced to Brad, so I checked out the CTG website and watched a couple of the video podcasts. When I saw that Brad is so good at interviewing - he’s present and turns over the space to the other - I could see the coach in him. I love his enthusiasm and how he pulls his coaches into that energy.

Teri Reuter

Executive Coach & Facilitator 


Teri combines her experience in psychological counselling with an understanding of communication. She coaches leaders in business, manufacturing, technology, and social impact organisations to approach their work with empathy, curiosity, and a sense of joy.


After teaching communication at universities in the US and Germany, Teri became interested in how people value themselves and understand their options through conversations and self-talk. Teri co-authored "Strength-Centered Counseling" with Dr. Colin Ward, introducing techniques and language that helping professionals need when working from the perspective of possibilities, strengths, and well-being. She has adapted this model of change and effective communication in The Real Lead™ framework for her work with business leaders. During executive coaching and professional learning events, Teri helps leaders build relationships as the foundation for leadership.


A unique aspect of working with Teri is the intersection of her experience as a wellness counsellor and fitness instructor. Using guided imagery and movement, Teri works with her clients to integrate their physical, intellectual, and emotional selves to encourage resilience, self-discovery, and confidence in decision making.


Teri graduated from the University of Florida with a BA and an MA in Communication. Fascinated by how communication influences behaviour and mindset, she continued her study at Oakland University, earning an MA in Counselling. Teri is a Board Certified Coach, with specialisations in Executive Leadership, Health and Wellness, and Personal and Life Coaching, working with clients in both English and German. 

Teri joins us in Episode 60 of The Lockdown Sessions, watch the episode here.

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