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What do you love about coaching?

I am constantly amazed at how such a seemingly simple act can create profoundly positive results, that last. As a natural problem solver, I love the concept of bringing simplicity to complex problems. Blend this with my fascination for people and how they think and behave and somewhere in that mix there’s coaching.


There is something incredibly satisfying about working with a client to facilitate fresh thinking and break through unhelpful assumptions and then seeing the possibilities unravel on the journey of change. I love helping people to get unstuck and to tap into their inner resources, find their own solutions and develop into their best selves.


How do you unwind?

I use exercise for both the physical and mental health benefits. I regularly run, walk, train and do Pilates. I love the after effect more than the process but appreciate the time out in nature!

I’m a passionate creative and have channelled energy through my home and garden over the course of 15 years, from shabby beginnings to a very personal space and sanctuary. I’m drawn to exhibitions, galleries and events where I can absorb and surround myself in the artistic talents of others. Visual arts in any form inspire and reset

my thinking.


On a more regular basis, wine and box sets!

What inspired you to work with CTG?

Initially I was drawn to CTG as I felt we spoke the same language around leadership development and coaching. I was inspired by the range of programmes on personal and professional development and it came as no surprise to find out that the company had recently won awards for excellence in the field.

On first meeting Brad I felt certain that this was a company I wanted to work with. His open and straight forward style made for a very natural and easy conversation and exchange of ideas and information.


In short – Good vibes, connection and a sense of shared of purpose and possibility.

Sabrina Park

Executive Coach, Korea


With 18 years of coaching experience since 2006, my coaching style blends positive psychology and the humanistic philosophy of the International Coach Federation (ICF).


I empower individuals by leveraging their strengths and creating a supportive environment. Through active listening and powerful questioning, I help clients gain insights, set meaningful goals, and develop strategies for success. My tailored approach fosters self-reflection, removes barriers, and co-creates action plans.


I celebrate achievements and provide ongoing support, guiding clients towards unlocking their full potential. One of the most important aspects of my coaching style is maintaining a balance of empathy and neutral language.


As a coach, I strive to support coachees in gaining insights during our sessions. By providing a safe and non-judgmental space, I encourage clients to explore their thoughts and emotions, facilitating their personal growth and self-awareness.

Coaching Specialisation:

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Relationship 

  • Transition coaching (including First time manager coaching, and manager to executive leader) 

  • Team and group coaching (team issues, team building)  

Her unique and diverse experiences, including working as an HR consultant, sales marketing manager at an SME, flight attendant for KLM, opera vocalist, assistant director of the National Opera company, reporter at EBS in Korea, and international conference expert, have provided her with a deep insight into various industries and a broad understanding of people. These experiences greatly contribute to her coaching abilities.

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