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Michael Doyle CTG Group

What do you love about coaching?

What I love about coaching is that it provides a process and a space for you to find the answers that already exist within you. Sometimes it's hard for us to see these answers because they are clouded with other thoughts or beliefs. Coaching works because it takes an external perspective to clear this "mental fog". When the fog is lifted, knowing what you need to do next is clear.

How do you unwind?

Simple. Good food + good music + good conversation.

What inspired you to work with CTG?
Brad Solomon. His commitment to leadership development and his way of being brings out the best in me. He's one of those people where interacting with him always has a positive impact. Working with CTG is like saying "yes" to being a part of this commitment and generating a positive impact to those who work with me.

Michael Doyle



Developing yourself as a next generation leader can be filled with ambiguity. You’re not sure which actions are the right actions, and you don’t want to fail. Michael’s solution is simple, Fear + Action = Courage. Michael asks questions that draw out your vision and strengths. From your new vantage point you will see the strategic actions you need to take, giving you courage to propel yourself to the next level of your career. As a recent client said, “Working with Michael was like being hit by a tsunami of insight.”

Michael features on our Episode 18: Kindness, patience and the art of the business pivot, of "The Lockdown Sessions" podcast, June 2020 and Episode 55: Curating, Engagement and Networking, November 2020.


Details of how and where to listen/watch can be found in our Learning Lounge.

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