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Luc Garguet-Duport

Senior Advisor, Facilitator and Coach


Luc is a motivated, inspired and goal driven leader and a Certified purpose driven coach with significant international and executive level experience. 


Luc brings perseverance, resilience and honesty blended with kindness and humour to his work to bridge mentoring & coaching where adaptation and balance are based on authenticity, trust, transparency and an ethical mindset.


Luc enjoys working with people in 360º holistic exploration and investigation to focus on stability to balance professional and personal experiences in life.


His focus is always on TRUE relationship trust, ethics and transparency and will always be at the centre of co-creating a supporting environment for individuals and teams. 


He embodies professionalism and expertise combined with an open-minded approach allowing individual craftsmanship working together as part of a wider team, like the Cathedral builders of old, all contributing towards client satisfaction at all times. 

"My motto is "resonate with ecology to nourish life" and I live to explore, experiment and nourish human-centric behaviour. I thrive in complex transcontextual challenges underpinned by a love for supporting change management and transformation through co-creation in diverse multi-cultural environments." 

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