What do you love about coaching?

I have always been curious about people; why do we do what we do? how have we got to where we are? and where do we desire to be in the future? These are just some of the questions that fascinate me!

There is something very magical about creating a safe space and giving permission for individuals to share their unedited truth. And even greater magic, in helping them to explore and unravel solutions – stored within themselves - to solve their own problem, tackle challenging situations head on and face fears that are holding them back.

It is my deeply held belief that we have far more control than we first perceive. Coaching can instil and unearth the self-belief, skills and knowledge to not just survive, but to thrive in life. I am passionate in helping more people to experience this.


How do you unwind?

As both an extrovert and introvert I have a variety of methods to help me to unwind! When I’m feeling social it might be organising a gathering – bringing together friends for laughter, meaningful conversation and silliness! Or seeing friends and family on a smaller scale. I get a great sense of peace and calm when I am out in nature and around animals; be that with my cat ‘Felix’ or when I am horse riding. Yoga, meditation, music, theatre and festivals also bring me joy.


What inspired you to work with CTG?

I was fortunate enough to have met Brad while working for HSBC many years ago. I worked with him on a training programme and we hit it off immediately. We stayed in touch and it was when I started my own consultancy that I began to work as an associate for CTG. Brad's relaxed, fun and energetic approach resonated and matched my style. We have designed and delivered together over the years – with every occasion being both enjoyable and an opportunity for personal and professional growth. I consider both Brad and Adelle to be great friends and look forward to working with CTG for many years to come!

Laura Garner

Executive Coach, Resilience and Leading Change


Laura is a skilled leader, facilitator, trainer and executive coach who has worked with individuals and blue chip organisations for the past 15 years. Laura focuses on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health leading individual’s to achieve both happiness and success. Laura is an expert in psychometrics and psychometric Profiling – including Insights, MBTI, Strengthscope, and OPQ Level B Occupational Personality Testing.

Laura features on Episode 5 of "The Lockdown Sessions" podcast, talking about how to be more present and mindful as a way of helping reduce stress levels during Lockdown and Episode 23, Controlling the busy Mind. If you wish to listen the link can found via our Learning Lounge. Alternatively watch the session via YouTube.