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What do you love about coaching?

What I love most about coaching and facilitation is knowing that I’m creating the right environment, time and space for people to reflect, learn and grow, now just in present but for years to come. It is always satisfying for me as coach and facilitator to see an individual or group have that aha moment. However, knowing that they took those experiences, learning and continuously applied to their professional (and sometime personal) life is even more rewarding. 


A few years ago I bumped into an ex-colleague in a bar in Aberdeen. The last time we had seen each other had been 6 or 7 years ago, on a management training workshop that I facilitated. I recall him finding it quite challenging and not particularly enjoying it. As the conversation evolved, he turned to me and said: “I know this isn’t the right time or place but I want to thank you for challenging me and my thinking during “that” workshop. It wasn’t until I moved to my recent role that I realised I had to change my approach and thinking – and then everything you were challenging us with years ago made sense. I’ve been using some of the tools and it’s really paying – thank you!


You don’t always know you have made a difference beyond that moment, but when you do, it can be quite humbling. That is why I love coaching and facilitation – the power to make a difference.

How do you unwind?

After a busy day of meetings, if I have to do lots of thinking/planning or facilitate large groups/challenging conversations, I like to do something completely different and creative to help me relax and unwind. I love to cook, experiment with new ingredients and come up with different meals all the time, so cooking becomes my creative outlet. It’s energising, helps me to switch off work and I find it relaxing! The best part is that I get to eat it at the end! Other days I’m just happy to sit back with a refreshing G&T, listen to the radio or watch TV and relax.

When I work away from home I can’t just jump into the hotel’s kitchen so I relax by going for walks around the city or area I’m saying. I like getting lost down little streets, looking at the sights, watching the locals, trying the local food and soaking up the atmosphere. I love to travel so this is a great opportunity to combine work with pleasure and get to know somewhere new.  

What inspired you to work with CTG?

I first came across CTG when we worked together a few years ago - CTG were one of our L&D suppliers. I met Brad and we immediately connected over our shared passion for learning and development. I loved his fresh thinking, passion for what he did, his creativity, professionalism and vast experience. As I met more of the team I could tell they were just as passionate, collaborative and professional – it showed in the quality of their work and on the positive impact they had on individuals and teams. We also learnt a lot from each other over the years, so when the opportunity to join the CTG team came up I didn’t hesitate.

Jose Franca

Coach, Facilitator and Trainer


Jose is an experienced learning and organisational development consultant, facilitator, trainer and coach with over 20 years experience across a range of organisations, roles, industry sectors and geographies.


Jose has led L&D functions across the UK and EMEA, designed and facilitated a wide-range skills development and management/leadership development programmes, delivered team interventions for mid to senior level teams, and coached individuals, teams and leaders internally at all levels of the organisation in more than 18 countries globally. He has also worked on organisational change initiatives focusing on culture and behaviour change, post-merger integration, rolled out performance management processes and implemented and lead high potential development and mentoring programmes. He has experience in Oil & Gas, Engineering, TV, Media, Entertainment, PR & Communications Marketing industry sectors.


Jose is passionate about development and takes a collaborative and creative approach to his work. He believes that creating the right learning environment (in person or online) is key, so that people can challenge assumptions, each other and generate new insights in a safe and constructive way.


Jose’s areas of specialisation include:

  • Team and Leadership Effectiveness 

  • Facilitation

  • Leadership and Management Development Programmes (design and facilitation)

  • Skills Development Workshops

  • Organisational Development, Culture and Change

  • Top Talent and Mentoring Programmes (Design and Facilitation)

  • 360 Feedback Facilitation and Coaching

  • Team Building, Off-sites and Exec Days

  • On-line Learning Facilitation

  • Use of Psychometrics


Jose has a Master of Science (MSc) in People and Organisational Development from Roffey Park University of Sussex, with a focus on Collaboration and Collaborative Practice.


Jose is a native Portuguese speaker and can also converse in Spanish, French and Italian.

Jose features on Episode 6 and 33 of The Lockdown Sessions podcast Season 1, and episode 19 of Season 2. If you wish to listen, or watch the YouTube video, the links can found via our Learning Lounge.

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