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Helen Soden Yoga coach CTG Group
Helen Soden

Yoga and Meditation Practitioner

We all have such busy and hectic lives and it’s more important now than ever for your health and wellbeing to take time to relax and practice self-care.


My journey into yoga started with an inflexible body, a painful lower back injury and a stressful job. Yoga has gifted me with so much: a strong and more flexible body, a healthier spine, a greater sense of self-confidence, a feeling of being calmer and more relaxed, but also so much more.



The practice of Yoga and meditation has given me a deep connection with my inner self that has led to an immense feeling of calm and quietude. It has also enabled me to see and feel more deeply the interconnectedness of everything around us. Yoga has helped me to deal with the stresses of life in a much healthier and less reactive way.


I teach Yoga and meditation so that I can share these incredible physical, mental and spiritual benefits with others. Yoga isn’t just about movement. It is so much more than that. It is the journey to the self. I am passionate about creating a safe, supportive space where students can nurture and develop their own practice step-by-step, whatever their age or ability.

Helen joins Brad in season 2 of The Lockdown Sessions, episode 20. Watch here.

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