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Fransien Hermans CTG Group Coach.jpg
Fransien Hermans

Leadership & Executive Coach and Facilitator


As a coach, Fransien brings a unique set of strengths to the table, including curiosity, positivity, and open-mindedness. These qualities are the driving force behind her coaching style, which is focused on helping clients achieve their goals through exploration, encouragement, and a non-judgmental attitude.


With years of experience as a facilitator and coach for DISC, 360 Feedback, and growth mindset, Fransien helps individuals and teams identify their strengths, areas for growth, and develop a mindset for success. Her positivity and open-mindedness make her an excellent coach for clients seeking encouragement and support in their personal and professional journeys. 


She works closely with clients to cultivate this positivity by focusing on their strengths, celebrating their achievements, and encouraging them to stay hopeful and optimistic even in the face of challenges.

What do you love about coaching?

As a coach, my love for this profession is deeply rooted in my desire to explore uncharted territories and create meaningful connections. I see it as a true privilege to become that supportive character in my client’s stories, help them along their journey. 


I love the collaboration coaching brings, where you are not alone in exploring new perspectives, ideas, possibilities and failures. I am always willing to venture outside of my comfort zone and help clients to do the same. 


The beauty of coaching is the deep connection it creates, even from a distance, whether or not you meet virtually or face2face. I believe that this connection is essential for building trust, fostering open communication, and creating a safe space that allows humour, honesty but also a sharing of fears, aspirations and dreams. 

How do you unwind?

Rather than unwinding by doing less, I consider doing more of what you like helps build resilience and relieves stress much more effectively. This belief has let me take on many impromptu plans and spontaneous nights! Going from trying on the craziest gym classes (trampoline gymnastics??) to meeting friends for nights of laughter, deep conversations or meeting strangers at networking events. My more “organised” fun includes travels to cities around the world or going on hiking adventures. Finally, my family always knows how to uplift me when things get tough and they play an important role in my life.

What inspired you to work with CTG?

I’ve worked alongside Brad as a client, which made me experience the passion, purpose and dedication CTG Group brings from the clients perspective. Brad and other coaches working with CTG Group have been instrumental to my own coaching journey by attending the coaching programmes or being coached myself on numerous occasions. 


Joining CTG Group was thus a ‘no brainer’ since the values and style align very much with my own.

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