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"I would like to highly recommend Frank as a deep, thoughtful, sensitive and impactful coach. Frank has a great ability to capture the essence of the challenge, provide both a broader perspective and a different context to seemingly difficult situations, helping me as a client to see the path to possible solutions. I felt genuine interest and willingness to help from Frank. The whole experience was natural and authentic - almost as a conversation of friends, during which I felt support and care, but more importantly - I was impressed with the result in a very short time-frame."

Marina Vyshegorodskikh

CPO Eleks

Frank Basinski

Leadership Trainer and Executive Coach


Frank is a leadership coach, who believes that true transformation is best taught from a foundation of personal experience - not just from books. He is fascinated by the workings of our minds and continuously expands, applies and passes on this knowledge to others, in very practical ways. He is truly passionate about enabling others to become their best possible selves and finding and unlocking what’s truly holding them back.

Frank has a way of encouraging others to act outside of their comfort zone, which in his point of view needs to be the definite goal of any training or coaching session. In his trainings or during presentations on stage, he’s inspiring and through-provoking, just as much as he is light-hearted and engaging with the audience.

Having spent almost 20 years in international leadership positions, and having helped establish the open organization model at Red Hat, Frank is a great advisor in helping company leadership teams in transformational times, and in the creation of an open company culture that is designed to bring out associate participation and innovation.

Frank joins us on the Lockdown Session podcasts in Season 2, episode 21. View here: