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"I would like to highly recommend Frank as a deep, thoughtful, sensitive and impactful coach. Frank has a great ability to capture the essence of the challenge, provide both a broader perspective and a different context to seemingly difficult situations, helping me as a client to see the path to possible solutions. I felt genuine interest and willingness to help from Frank. The whole experience was natural and authentic - almost as a conversation of friends, during which I felt support and care, but more importantly - I was impressed with the result in a very short time-frame."

Marina Vyshegorodskikh

CPO Eleks

Frank Basinski

Leadership Trainer and Executive Coach


As a seasoned executive coach and trainer, Frank leverages his profound insights into the intricate dynamics of leadership in multinational corporations, particularly within the IT sector. Drawing from his extensive background in global tech companies, Frank resonates deeply with leaders at all levels, understanding their unique challenges, needs or aspirations.

Frank specializes in catalyzing leadership success, team impact, and heightened employee engagement for international corporations. His approach goes beyond conventional methods; he fosters self-discovery through thought-provoking questions, leading audiences through reflective discussions that spark transformative paradigm shifts.

Having navigated the complexities of executive leadership firsthand, Frank excels in building credibility and rapport. His coaching style is adaptive, seamlessly transitions between coaching and mentoring, addressing the nuanced needs of each coachee. Whether in workshops or personalized 1:1 coaching sessions, Frank’s impact is evident, as he inspires change and transformation. is a leadership coach and facilitator, who is is truly passionate about helping others to become their best possible selves. Through his own executive leadership background in global tech companies he creates instant rapport with his clients. 
He has a way of encouraging others to act outside of their comfort zone and to accelerate their personal and professional growth, as well as the achievement of their ambitions. Frank’s trainings and seminars are inspiring and thought-provoking, just as much as he is light-hearted and engaging with the audience. 

Frank helps executive leadership teams to reconnect with purpose, focus and each other, in order to drive performance and execution to the next level.

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