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“Ellina provided me with a different perspective to review and adjust my priorities and focus on my work and life. With her step by step inspiration, I had a deep self-reflection, and started to realize using energy management rather than time management to guarantee my passion in my work and life, and changed my mindset to "internal motivation" instead of "external motivations" to ensure my passion lasts for a longer term.”

Development Manager


“I have been able to ask myself the hard questions that I never really thought and dared to ask to myself about my motivation and the way I present to others. Some realizations are unconscious and difficult to admit. So there was real benefit for me to explore those areas and address those questions with Ellina. It gave me more awareness of myself and understand how I should work to improve my leadership.

Ellina has been extremely helpful in being able to ask the right questions and explore areas that were difficult for me. She was able to constantly bring back the discussions to previous conversations we had, pushing myself to a real reflection.”

Partner Alliance Leader


“Ellina supported me to overcome the challenges of my role by providing me great advice, giving me paths to go forward, and helping me to reflect on myself. Thanks to her great listening skills, she was able to build trust between us, which motivated me to do things differently and use my strengths more effectively. Ellina is a calm and smart person, so it was very pleasant to exchange with her. From those coaching sessions with Ellina I gained a lot of confidence and I learned a lot about myself, which reinforced my leadership and influence in my role. The results were much quicker than what I could have expected, I recommend Ellina as a coach!”

Solution Architect

Ellina Watanabe

Executive Coach & Facilitator 


Ellina Watanabe, Ph.D.(c), is a Human Essence and Executive Coach, living her purpose to honor the essence in all and be a gentle and empowering force to bring it forward. She is on a mission to transform the leadership narrative from mind-driven to essence-driven.

Ellina is an amalgam of diverse cultural, professional and life forces and seeks to recognize and bring out the unique identity tapestry within people and teams she works with. As an executive coach, she creates the space for deep reflection, guiding people to look within and recognize their autopilot patterns and ingrained beliefs and attitudes that drive their behaviors and communication. Being curious and open to the richness and diversity of what makes us – us, she fosters this openness of heart and mind in others. This deeply relational perspective equally extends beyond our perceived boundaries of self and touches all those around.

Ellina intervenes at the level of way-of-being, guiding light towards perceptions, assumptions, and attitudes that, in turn, result in lasting and sustainable behavioral shifts. Her gentle yet perceptive and focused approach allows individuals to slow down, notice, bring to awareness and consciously make changes towards mindset and actions that serve them and have positive impact. While Ellina may provide certain mental models, tools and resources to experience short-term shifts, the truly lasting aha moments come in the open flow of conversation and co-creation.

In addition to coaching, Ellina pursues an academic research path where she explores alternative ways of making sense of leadership, specifically through a relational lens. She is invited to present her work at international academic conferences in Denmark, USA, UK and serves as an ad hoc reviewer for journals and annual conferences.

Ellina is a Member of The Association for Coaching and the EMCC, constantly seeking out new paradigms and approaches to coaching. She has three business diplomas from three continents and is a Certified Reiki Master & Teacher.


She is fluent in English, Russian, and able to support Japanese and French language speakers. Currently living in Barcelona, Spain, Ellina has a unique international experience to bring to any engagement with more than 10 years in the corporate marketing and entrepreneurial roles.

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