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Andrea Hotton CTG Group

What do you love about coaching?


My top values are Freedom, Connection with others, Learning, Curiosity and Nature. By coaching, I get to honor these values! I really enjoy people and being of service in a way that’s of deep meaning. I love helping people find who they are and who they want to be intentionally as they go through their career and lives. I get to do this work which is fulfilling to me, but also help others find their fulfillment.

How do you unwind?

I love to be out in nature to unwind. I’m typically out in the metroparks and nature trails 4-5x a week--either trail running, hiking or mountain biking. I find being surrounded by trees and nature is soothing to my soul and mind. I do my best thinking and problem solving when out on the trails! I also love to laugh and make others laugh--all of my friends and close colleagues know me as the witty one who tries to have fun of some sort in every situation. Life can be serious, but bringing laughter in can help us navigate our path better! I’m also getting back into horseback riding, which I’m super excited about. 

What inspired you to work with CTG?


I was introduced to Brad from a coaching colleague. During our first conversation I felt it would be a great fit to work with CTG and their clients. I found Brad to be smart, easy to laugh and a great listener. I felt very comfortable and confident that working with CTG clients would be a great fit for my coaching philosophy and style.

Andrea Hotton

Executive Coach and Facilitator - USA


Andrea is a skilled Executive Coach and facilitator, who has worked with individuals and organizations for the past 20 years. Andrea is passionate about personal and professional development, both for herself and others. She utilises her coaching skills along with consulting and facilitation skills to help individuals and businesses meet their goals.


Andrea balances using her left brain (organized and detail-oriented) and right brain (intuitive, creative) when she coaches.  It enables her to meet the client where they are (typically left-brained focused) and then she supports the client to bring in other perspectives (including more creative/right brain) to get “unstuck”--which is typically analysis paralysis! This enables clients to move forward in a productive and efficient way.


Andrea has found what works and what doesn't work is more powerful in collective conversation; hence the power of the coaching relationship as being co-creative.  


The clients Andrea coaches have the inner resources to resolve the challenges they face but just need support in locating the path to find them. Andrea helps them find this place through the power of the coaching dynamic. 


Andrea practiced as a community pharmacist for 12 years before completing her coaching training. She enjoys working with others on personal and professional development, hence the career transition. The commonality between the two careers is her desire and ability to build a connection with others and being of service to their well-being.


Andrea received her coach training (CPCC) at The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) near San Francisco, CA. She is also accredited through The International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).  


Andrea lived in San Francisco for 10 years and now lives in Cleveland, Ohio and enjoys everything Cleveland has to offer. She is very active and stays in shape by trail running, mountain biking, hiking and road biking. 

Andrea features in Episode 36 and 62 of our Lockdown Sessions, listen online or watch via YouTube.

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