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Alessandro Attanelli CTG Group

What do you love about coaching?

Coaching to me means to be curious, to explore. To explore the connection between two or more human beings, and to explore the depth of each single person. It is a two-way street where I am always ready to be surprised. I know each story resonates with me, and I am truly passionate about seeing how many realities exist depending on how and what we choose to focus our attention on. 


I love to feel the courage to take a deep breath and dive into ourselves, in order to connect to a greater space of creation. And from that creative space, I enjoy seeing the concrete impact on the daily lives of the people and teams that trust my energy and my approach.

How do you unwind?

I definitely need time on my own to focus on simple things for a few minutes, sometimes for a week. Focusing on myself gives me energy to be fully present when working with others. 


I definitely need nature! Walking in a silent forest, breathing, or running on an empty beach in San Vincenzo, Tuscany.


I definitely need swing music, dancing, art and beauty in every form.


And last but not least I need reading a bedtime story to my kids and feel a deep connection with my family.

What inspired you to work with CTG?

There is something really important that resonated with me the first time I saw Brad working and I can now see how it forms the DNA of CTG Group: creating transformative experiences by speaking the truth, by creating a real connection with the people we work with, and by having fun. 


Parity, fun, professionalism, passion: there is a common ground at CTG. And I also feel the trust to be fully myself in every coaching and training.

Alessandro Attanelli

Trainer, Facilitator and Coach


Alessandro coaches individuals and teams. He is a skilled facilitator and trainer who has worked for global organisations over the past 18 years. 


Alessandro focuses on working around the intention and clarity people place on their words and actions, in synergy with the team energy, the vision and the strategic priorities of each company. 


Alessandro is certified in Generative Coaching 

and is an expert in psychometrics profiling (Insights, MBTI, 360°). 


His passion is to create immersive and transformative experiences, blending coaching, non-violent communication, collective intelligence and artistic approach (body, dance, music).

Alessandro features in Episode 10 of our podcast "The Lockdown Sessions" - watch via YouTube or follow the links to listen via

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