Yoga & Meditation

We all have such busy and hectic lives and it’s more important now than ever for your health and wellbeing to take time to relax and practice self-care.


In today’s busy world taking some time to be still and step back is critical. We run our sessions on Zoom for our corporate clients with up to 100 people being able to join the sessions. It is a real chance for organisations to give something back to their people who have kept the business going during the pandemic.


As a result of the pandemic and a growing awareness of wellbeing CTG have partnered with Feet to Earth to bring you relaxing and meditative sessions, which will help improve both your mental and physical health. Our aim is to help support our clients with more alternative development sessions for their people as we slowly find a way back into work. 


Feet To Earth yoga and meditation classes are specifically designed to build your yoga practice starting from the ground up, with clear, step by step instructions, moving at your own pace. Think traditional, foundational yoga and meditation that nourishes body mind and soul.