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What do you love about coaching?

What I love about coaching is the space it offers for clients for self-discovery, exploration and personal growth. Growth is one of my personal values and I strive to encourage this with my clients as well with myself. The most rewarding part of coaching is to witness client's learning, development, and transformation progress or just a simple “feel good about themselves".


To connect with people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, be part of their journey and to celebrate their achievements is very fulfilling and I am grateful for this.

How do you unwind?

I love to sing - it's good for the soul! I've been a member of several semi-professional choirs over the years, including acapella, motown, jazz, soul, currently I'm a member of a Gospel´n´Soul choir. Making music in a community is inspiring, clearing, spiritual act of creation and it recharges me.


I also love spending time with my family outdoors hiking, picnicking etc. I love books and true story movies.

What inspired you to work with CTG?

I met with Brad through a recommendation of a shared contact. I value his expertise, transparency and sense of humour and we share a common interest for Positive Psychology.


CTG offers first class services and it has received a well-deserved recognition as Most Outstanding Leadership and Coaching provider in 2020. I´m looking forward to an inspiring future with CTG.

Viara Richter

Coach, Facilitator and Trainer


Viara's international and diverse experience, after 15yrs as a trainer and coach, is her key strength. She has delivered training in 9 countries and has coached people from 47 nationalities to date.With a corporate background from an international 

Management Consulting company Viara has experience from different industries: Automotive, IT, High Tech, Pharma, Chemicals, Food Retail, Banking.


Viara is a strong believer of “The only way to do a great work is to love what you do.” (Steve Jobs). She is an enthusiastic and empathetic coach who strives for clients growths in all facets.


Areas of expertise:

  • International Business Communication, Cultural Awareness

  • Intercultural Trainings – Expatriation, Repatriation, Country specific trainings

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Management of global and virtual teams

  • Team Building and Team Development

  • Transition and Change Management

  • Presentation Skills

  • Career coaching incl. Interviewing Skills, Career development, Career Transition

  • Train-the-Trainer

Viara features on our Episode 9: Redefining the meaning of success during lockdown, of "The Lockdown Sessions" podcast, June 2020. Details of how and where to listen/watch can be found in our Learning Lounge.

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