Teresa Peters

Executive Coach



An experienced, dynamic, motivator in the Media Industry by background. Since 1998, Teresa has developed sales teams and award-winning business development processes within the UK’s leading publishing houses. 


Teresa Co-Founded an independent Publishing Company in 2009 and walks the walk when coaching individuals, executives, teams and SME owners. 


Teresa created her business, Accelerator Coaching, in 2015, where she hones her excellent communication skills and passion for driving people to succeed. Teresa’s authentic, encouraging, intuitive coaching style enables teams and executives to gain clarity and feel energised.  She coaches online and face to face. She holds up a mirror whilst creating bespoke processes, tools and techniques depending on what is most useful.


Teresa is experienced at supporting her clients to develop greater self-awareness and a better understanding of how to realise their individual purpose, strengths and values in order to lead with authenticity and achieve their goals.


“Teresa has a unique ability to see your true self and harness the career potential inside”, Hotel owner looking to sell his chain and start a new business


“Teresa helped unravel the tangled knot inside my brain. Sessions with her include many lightbulb moments” Sales Trainer.