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What do you love about coaching?
What I like most is: I can meet people through coaching and touch andcreate the future together with coachees as a thinking partner. And I also can learn and see myself and life from a variety of perspectives through coaching.

How do you unwind?
I write positive things every day with positive questions. That gives me a relaxed and positive feeling and thought about myself and my life. And I am also dancing alone. Moving my body helps me unwind. 

What inspired you to work with CTG?

Team: Leadership of Brad inspires me. And Team support from Adelle is very warm and very supportive, so I feel comfortable working with her. Adelle listens to my needs very well. So I talked a lot to her. 


Working relationship with clients: it is an excellent sign to have a continuous contract with clients. That is what I loke most CTG. And CTG’s trusting coach fully inspires me too. There are lots of reasons to be inspired by CTG.

Sabrina Park

Coach & Trainer


Sabrina is an experienced international facilitator and coach who specialises in helping individuals and teams achieve their goals and best performance. Since 2007 she has worked as a coach and facilitator providing workshops on; leadership, communication and collaboration. Her clients include LG electronics, Mars, Tesa Korea, Citi Group, HSBC, ADIDAS Korea, Sanofi Korea, Henkel Korea, Hermes, Hyundai Kia Motors.

Sabrina features on our Episode 28: Feel your Life, of "The Lockdown Sessions" podcast, August 2020. Details of how and where to listen/watch can be found in our Learning Lounge.