What do you love about coaching?

I love inspiring hope through creativity. Everyone has their unique perspective on what it means to create and their own creative hurdles to overcome. There's no feeling like knowing you've inspired someone, given them the tools to unlock their creativity and embark on a thrilling new journey. Finding meaning in a participant's response to activities outside their comfort zone is an exciting expression of creative collaboration.


How do you unwind?

I love writing music and enjoy tinkering with a painting or honing a slide deck instead of actually resting! Learning to express creativity through ordinary day-to-day acts like cooking, exercising and connecting with close friends has helped me permit myself to relax. I love walking in nature and taking long hot baths.

What inspired you to work with CTG?

Brad is an inspiration to me. We started working together eight years ago when we made CTG's debut video series. Hearing Brad speak so passionately about the tools he shares lit a fire in me which has continued to grow steadily, encouraged by further video project collaborations.


It's a real honour to be part of CTG's amazing team of coaches today.

Noah Max

Facilitator, Platform Speaker & Personal Coach


Noah inspires hope through creativity so that everyone can communicate, connect and collaborate more meaningfully and authentically. He has been designing creative sessions since 2016 and has worked as a facilitator with various Training consultancies. His sessions are experiential in nature and all his delegates comment on how inspired they are by Noah's effervescent and engaging and how they learned with a smile on their face. Noah champions process, thereby enabling collaboration and connection amongst his delegates. Noah’s artistic career encompasses composing, conducting, painting and cinema, all of which bring fresh perspectives to his workshops as a creative artist, facilitator and performer.

Noah joins The Lockdown Sessions Season 1 in Episode 35, and Episode 11 of Season 2, watch via YouTube here.

In this Two Minute Tools, Noah introduces the new "Unlock Your Personal Creativity Virtual Workshop" and in this video shares his concept of the 3Cs - Connection, Communication and Collaboration.