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What do you love about coaching?

I I love the flow that makes the miracles happen. I love the change in energy levels, I love the relief, the a-ha moments, the transformations, the hope, the dedication, and the commitment. I am
humbled and feel very privileged to help people quickly change what they were stuck with for ages.

How do you unwind?

I recharge while coaching. I relax through play with my three kids. And I unwind completely and totally on a hike, on skis or canoe.

What inspired you to work with CTG?

Brad Solomon did. I participated in his training as Red Hat leader and I was fascinated by his confident yet entertaining approach to his audience.

Misa Kozinova

Trainer and Coach


Over the past ten years, Misa’s coaching has helped leaders and their teams to both thrive through massive growth as well as getting through the crisis stronger. Throughout her 20 years of management in technology, she has experienced both scenarios first hand. She has honed her leadership and change management skills by building high performing teams with excellent work ethics, collaboration and friendly atmospheres.

She believes in the power of shared vision, 

authenticity, transparency, and integrity. She is passionate about helping high-achievers to overcome whatever stands in their way to manifest their ambitions with ease and confidence. She trusts her clients would get there anyway, yet, with her no judgement and smart support it’s easier and more fun. 


Misa coaches in English and Czech both in person and virtually. She also has a conversational knowledge of French and Italian.


Areas of Expertise:

  • High Performance Team Culture

  • Leadership Development

  • Executive One to One Coaching

  • Team Coaching

  • Leading through Change

Misa features on our Episode 15: Recovery, support and Self-Awareness, of "The Lockdown Sessions" podcast, June 2020. Details of how and where to listen/watch can be found in our Learning Lounge.