Maria Costa CTG Group.jpg
Maria Costa

Executive Coach  Facilitator


Maria is an open-minded person with a positive attitude towards life, facing each situation as an opportunity to learn. Her purpose in life is to create connections that nourish people, helping them expand and find better ways to live and work.


She is passionate about all the activities that connect people. In her coaching style, Maria combines different approaches which have a common trace: the firm belief in the power of individual purposeful development.  Her strongest coaching skills include quickly establishing rapport and a strong coaching presence. In addition, she is entirely centred on the clients, partnering with them along the coaching journey. Such partnership starts from clearly supporting clients in articulating the results they wish to obtain and developing a solid vision of successfully achieving the desired results.  Powerful questions, combining care and respect with thoughtful insights, help the client identify the issues at hand.


Her experience in managing, designing and delivering coaching, training, and consulting programs targeted at leadership development, organisational change, communication, team development and personal development, is built on her regular presence in international projects for global clients over the past 20 years.