Lola Chapado CTG Group
Lola Chapado

Leadership Coach, Facilitator and Trainer


With over 20 years experience working for some of the most admired global brands and leaders across different sectors, Lola remains passionate about one thing: unlocking people’s talent to achieve their career aspirations and serve those of their organisations.

Her strong values always match those of the businesses she has supported and through her experience coaching leaders at all levels, Lola has learnt the value of the role the business culture plays on the engagement and growth of each individual so she restlessly works towards enhancing their skills and motivations.


Having lived in different countries and supported teams in all regions across the world, Lola understands how critical diversity is to be successful and strives to achieve a more inclusive leadership culture wherever she goes.

Lola is accredited in some of the leading psychometric profiling tools (Insights Discovery, ESCI, 360) and other specific indicators around change, influence, team effectiveness and others, that bring self-awareness and understanding of the people around us, improving significantly the connection and effectiveness of individuals, teams and organisations. 

What do you love about coaching?

Whether it is facilitating a group session or coaching an individual, there’s magic in that moment when someone starts smiling and nodding as they have a light bulb moment: all of a sudden they find the answer themselves to the question they didn’t know they have. Not their leader, not a trainer, not a coach telling them: THEY, and only THEY, coming to that realization themselves of what they must do to get where they want to get: that’s 90% of the win! And when you are at the receiving end, the feeling of being successfully coached gives you wings and confidence to achieve the extraordinary.


There’s nothing like that feeling of supporting individuals to get to that “Aha!” moment as a coach. And when you are coached, there’s nothing like that feeling of “I can do anything!”.



How do you unwind?

Playing! I have two children 7 years apart so imagine the difference in their ways of playing! Dancing and singing with my toddler, building towers or doing puzzles, feeding a baby or preparing a (pretend) cup of coffee… I love how her little face shines when she learns how to do something new! And her giggle, oh, what a joy! But then, there is my pre-teenager! Playing the console together, reading a book and making up stories, trying and mixing ingredients to create a new cooking recipe, watching our favorite movie, oh, and the dancing and singing! That, we can do all together! And telling stories: I am a storyteller at heart and they give me wings to make up the craziest stories and pretend to be all type of characters, just marvelous!

And you know what? We all learn so much by playing! Sometimes, we should all go back to experiencing what being a kid is, it is such an inspiring and eye-opening experience! 

What inspired you to work with CTG?

Brad´s style.

Brad´s energy.

Just Brad.


One of the most inspiring persons I have ever had the pleasure to work with. And if he has chosen the fantastic team at CTG, then you trust him with eyes closed. If that wasn’t convincing enough, then I got to see a lot of the fantastic work they have created and delivered through the years. So I guess the question is: who wouldn’t be inspired to work with CTG?? You have to be crazy not to want to work with such a fabulous group of facilitators, coaches, professionals and just really good people!