What do you love about coaching?

We all want to do things in our own way. As a coach, I’ve been trying to help clients find their own and original solutions.

Nobody really wants to be taught what to do. We need to convince ourselves what to do and why we are doing it.

I have delighted in seeing many client's "lightbulb" moments; the moment they realise they can change or find their own unique solution. This is the key reason why I love coaching.

How do you unwind?

I enjoy playing tennis and golf, both of which require mental toughness. I’ve been trying to improve both my game and my mental strength.

I also love cats!

What inspired you to work with CTG?

It is honour that CTG invited me to join, and I have always felt supported by Brad and his team. It's been several years now that I have been part of CTG and I feel my own self-development growing continually through the support and advice that comes from being a part of the CTG Group.

Keigo Takada

Executive Coach & Trainer


Keigo Takada is a trainer and coach for public listed companies and organisations. He is based in Tokyo, and regularly travels throughout Japan to support the business requirements and talent development needs of his clients. Keigo has a consistent and enthusiastic style that is highly interactive in nature.


He has worked with global operating companies such as DHL and BlackRock, and given many face-to-face interviews and coaching sessions for a variety of business executives enabling them to achieve their own specific objectives.

Keigo chats to Brad on Epsiode 39 of The Lockdown Sessions.