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Don Lang CTG Group

What do you love about coaching?


I love the opportunity to enable dialogue that leads to opening up new perspectives for a client.  When a client is able to expand the range of possible views of a challenge, opportunity or goal, the options for pursuing growth and possible futures broaden significantly.  And when this happens, I find the client experiences a new energy in exploring different paths, risk-taking, and learning.   I love listening and reflecting back what I observe as the impact of the client’s broadened mindset and how it invigorates their (or should it be his/her) commitment to action.   And I especially love seeing the client’s gratification when successfully implementing desired change.

How do you unwind?

I enjoy the outdoors, especially walking, hiking, and biking.  I find the natural beauty of the mountains or coast helps me unwind and reenergise.  Some of my most creative thinking comes from these moments.  I also read to relax, especially non-fiction and some mysteries. 

What inspired you to work with CTG?


A coach colleague of mine recommended me to Brad and I welcomed the opportunity for a call to get acquainted.  In our initial conversation, I loved hearing Brad’s passion for developing leaders and his impressive programming.  His openness and candor about his business and partner relationships especially appealed to me.  I found his transparency refreshing and his enthusiasm catching.  I believe his coaching principles and practices align with mine and am excited to partner with him and his team to make a difference for his valued clients.

Don Lang

Executive Coach & Facilitator 


For twenty years, Don has focused his work on coaching and developing leaders and teams. He leverages a diverse background that spans management roles in human resources, operations, marketing, account management, and P&L responsibility to enhance his contribution help leaders realise personal and professional growth through his coaching in conjunction with related advanced learning programmes.

Don works with leaders to develop strategies, build collaborative relationships, form and lead high performing teams, and develop, execute and achieve key business objectives.

For leaders and organisations operating across borders, Don contributes key insights and perspective from years of hands-on consulting assignments in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Don has been described as authentic, approachable, pragmatic, and outcome focused. He articulates a clear definition of his coaching orientation which establishes trust and accountability in the process. Focused on the client’s agenda, Don involves the client in defining their opportunities, exploring options, and developing solutions, always connecting solutions to core organisational and personal values and expectations. He is intentional about measuring coaching effectiveness, focusing his work with clients around clear goals and action plans to best achieve targeted outcomes. 

In addition to his coaching work, Don engages his passion for learning and developing others by lecturing on the topics of leadership, teaming, and coaching in an executive MBA program at an Atlanta area university.


Don holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Lafayette College and an MBA in Management and Finance from Georgia state University.  He completed a year-long certification program in Executive Coaching at Columbia University. 

Don joins us on the Lockdown Sessions podcast in Episode 63, watch here.

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