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Chetna Pardivalla

People Strategist and Results Certified Coach

Founder of karmaminds, Chetna is a People Strategist and Results Certified Coach with a Brain based approach. She combines learnings from neuroscience, psychology and mindfulness with best practice leadership and systems thinking to get lasting results for her clients. 


Chetna has 20 years’ experience advising and coaching leaders alongside delivering human centred people and change programmes. In addition to this, she has 15 years experience coaching on inclusion, resilience and wellbeing and is also a certified meditation and breath work teacher. 


She's pragmatic, human centred, and highly commercial. Over the years, she has worked with  leaders in some well-known and highly successful brands and organisations.


Chetna is passionate about helping her clients be their best. She is highly intuitive, and  her approach is both compassionate and challenging, drawing on a range of science-based models and techniques to unlock potential. She often uses stories analogies and humour alongside powerful questioning to help her clients build awareness and gain the insights needed to make sustainable change. 


Chetna's expertise in leadership, inclusion and resilience combined with her results driven techniques have been invaluable for her clients in recent times.



*Brain based Coaching Certificate | *Certificate in Systemic Team Coaching 

What do you love about coaching?


Everything. I believe that in today’s world, where people are multi-tasking, digitally over stimulated or being pulled in different directions, coaching provides a quiet, safe space for people to think and find solutions. I love that I can help them to pause, unpack and untangle the many thoughts, ideas and insights they already have and use these to find solutions and make changes.


The real magic for me is being able to help clients overcome obstacles and blind spots; this helps them build confidence and develop a sense of ease with work and in life.  

How do you unwind?

So, this usually depends on how I’m feeling and what i need in that moment. If I’m unwinding from back-to-back client calls, it may be music, walking or cooking. But if it’s been a day of intense thinking or in front of a document, I might search our something more social or energetic. I have a range of activities and resources which include meditation, breath work, cycling, yoga, connecting with people, learning from podcasts - yes learning helps me to unwind and then there is also watching movies or diving into a boxset. I also have a pretty nice view and enjoy doing a bit of cloud watching with a hot drink.  

What inspired you to work with CTG?


I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Brad by an associate who thought that Brad and I should connect. Once I had my first call with him, I could totally see why; we seemed to have been exposed to similar thinking and our views overlapped on many things, but different enough to still learn and grow. I found this really refreshing. I’ve not had one call where I’ve not been inspired or learnt something. I love that the team and diverse and global.