What do you love about coaching?

I love the opportunity to help people be their best selves.  I am a servant leader and believe that leadership should be a selfless act rather than a selfish one.  Coaching allows me to model this behaviour and to help others unlock their potential and the potential of those who they lead.


How do you unwind?

I am an avid surfer and watersports enthusiast.  I love to be outside in nature and the ocean or any other body of water helps me unwind.  During COVID-19 I have spent countless hours on my paddle board. I love to paddle while listening to business audiobooks.  I get to be on the water, getting physically in shape while also stimulating my brain.

What inspired you to work with CTG?

Brad and I met through a mutual colleague in the UK.  We hit is off from the first conversation.  I enjoy partnering with like minded people who stimulate my thoughts and provide me with tools and technics to continue to hone my craft.  The philosophical alignment between my approach and CTG’s is very much aligned, so I see this as a great partnership.


Brian Formato

Executive Coach


Brian Formato is the founder of Groove Management, a leadership development and executive coaching firm, and the creator of LeaderSurf, an adventurous development programme for business leaders of all backgrounds, industries and corners of the world who want to break old habits and create lasting change.


Brian has 25+ years of experience developing leaders and organisational capabilities inside of companies in a variety of industries including financial services, digital marketing,

telecommunications, industrials, construction equipment and publishing as well as non-profit organisations. He has served in diverse roles including HR management, leadership and organisational development, corporate communications, and digital marketing.


He nationally launched Groove Management in 2014 to help first time CEOs step into new and uncharted waters inherent with their unique roles. He is known for his work with executive teams, taking them outside of their four walls to address tough business challenges, and create new experiences that build trust and prompt change. His practice offers executive coaching, leadership effectiveness and development, organisational development, behaviour-based leader branding, and alignment during change (early change company growth, post-merger integration and venture capital) services.


Brian pairs appreciative inquiry with a balanced leadership approach rooted in science, service and self-to-help leaders find their groove, learn to fail in order to succeed and adopt leadership practices centered on service to others and oneself. He often “sees the simple” that we can’t see when we are too close, and turns the simple into actionable insights with questions like “Would I thrive working for me?”


Brian earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Eckerd College and a

master’s in organization development from American University. He is certified in Leading

Dimensions, Myers Briggs, Birkman, TKI, Conflict Dynamics Profile, and Brand You; and serves on the boards of Advent Co-Working, ClearRock, and the Charlotte chapter of the Surfrider Foundation.

Brian joins us in Episode 59 of The Lockdown Sessions, watch now via YouTube.